Spearing Software transforms Excel spreadsheets into software

For 20 years, Spearing Software has specialized in interpreting and translating Excel spreadsheets into high performance, scalable, multi-user software systems.

Why is Excel so prevalent?

Excel spreadsheets with proprietary modeling and analytical methodologies often exist because no off the shelf software is suitable or it is too expensive and complicated to customize existing commercial software.

What are the risks with spreadsheet systems?

  • Limited functionality - poor reporting capabilities, not multi-user, duplicate formulas and logic, and are error prone
  • Not scalable - when computations become more intense and data grows, Excel spreadsheets can become slow, unresponsive, and unusable
  • Labor intensive to maintain - distracts users from performing their real work
  • Non-compliant - Highly regulated companies can face significant fines due to non-compliant Excel based systems and processes

Turn spreadsheets into Commercial Grade Software

Spearing Software has successfully developed dozens of software systems that began as Excel spreadsheets with proprietary modeling and analytics. We use modern methodologies in software development, architecture, and testing, to create systems that eliminate the risks associated with Excel based systems.

Benefits of Software vs. Excel

  • Multi-user capability
  • Elimination of duplicate formulas / logic and user errors
  • Automation of manual processes
  • Increased data quality
  • Testable software that will not break if changes are made
  • Improved overall user experience

Features of Software

  • Multi-platform user interfaces - web, Windows, mobile
  • Reporting
  • Databases
  • Analytics and dashboards
  • Auditing of activities / changes
  • Forecasting and scenario / what if analysis
  • APIs for sharing data and functionality
  • Cloud or internal infrastructure
  • "Export to Excel" capability for ad-hoc analysis

For more information about Spearing’s services, contact Jack Imburgia via email at contact@spearing.com or via phone at (610) 805-4978.