Tender Option Bond Modeling

Modeling system for one of the largest corporate and institutional trustees. The software models, calculates, validates, and reports on tender option bonds and other similar structures. The system is based on a waterfall engine that allows for the modeling of the most sophisticated structures and easy integration of new structures and deal types.


  • Supports a variety of underlying collateral / asset classes such as fixed rate bonds, floaters, zero coupon bonds, preferred stock, and auction rate securities.
  • Capable of sophisticated expense / fee modeling including liquidity facility, letter of credit, remarketing and trustee.
  • Capable of accrual and valuation reporting; has ad-hoc reporting capability.
  • Reconciliation with third parties, rate imports, corporate actions integration.


  • C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server, Reporting Services
  • Design patterns: Abstract Factory, Factory Method, Strategy, Decorator, State

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