Software Development

Spearing Software provides software consulting services to banks, hedge funds, alternative investment, and other highly regulated industries. Jack Imburgia is the Principal of Spearing and provides all software development services. His technical areas of expertise are C#, Python, Java, SQL Server, and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

Jack has extensive experience in object oriented design and the application of design patterns. The software Jack develops adhere to the SOLID principles of software design. His designs are highly cohesive, loosely coupled, and scalable.

Financial Modeling Software

Jack translates computationally intensive models developed by data scientists, financial engineers, economists, and traders into high performance software systems. He is an expert in interpreting models created in Excel, R, MATLAB, SAS, and Python.

Regulatory Technology (RegTech)

Spearing Software is a niche player in RegTech. We develop software based on highly specialized Excel based regulatory and compliance systems where no viable commercial alternatives exist.

Sample Projects

For more information about Spearing’s services, contact Jack via email at or via phone at either (610) 805-4978 or (212) 328-1850.